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"MoW" stands for "Meeting of Workers". (previously named as MOW: 2-Player)

The Story

When two workers meet up, they talk about their careers "politely" in their own styles. 

As you see, Barber moves fast, shaves bullets. Meanwhile, Courier delivers gifts to customers, Foreman builds and hires workers, Hunter hunts and makes traps, Weaver produces fibre and sometimes cuts, Hacker reprograms devices, Magician presents magic show, Matron(hidden unit) injects and calls nurses for her patients , Carpenter(hidden unit) chops...The Chef cooks with tons of salt... and other secret units, Easter-eggs or even hidden game mode(s) can be discovered. 

The Gameplay

The arcade space shooter game designed for 2 players head-to-head challenge on a single device.

Single-player mode(s) included, works best if you have someone nearby you can play against.


- 1 or 2 players, single device.

- Fake physics, real game feel.

- Hand made pixel-art and stunning music.

- 7+ detailed characters with exclusive equipment sets.

- Adjustable starting health.

- Secret characters and Easter-eggs.

- In-App Purchases free, Ads free. (For iOS)

One more thing...

- You can play the boss ship.

Media Reviews

MOW: 2-Player Review by Nardio

独立游戏《MOW 双人对战》上架iOS,12元做一回太空牛仔 - 触乐

„MOW: 2-Player“ ist ein neuer Space-Shooter für 1 bis 2 Spieler by iPlayApps

Facebook: MoW 2-Player

Twitter: @Gnefnap

E-mail: Feng.Pan[at]mail.ee

Discord Group: https://discord.gg/TQQNS5t

Release date Mar 09, 2016
Tags2-player, Boss battle, GameMaker, Local multiplayer, Pixel Art, Retro, Space
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast, Textless
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2

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Hi! It's been a long time since the game was removed from the GGPlay Store, can you tell me what happened ?

you can damage the chefs pod (second phase part)  with hunters bombs latching to the main part of the ship while in first phase

Oops, it's a bug. Thank you very much for the feedback! Can you help me destroy the pod without destroying every weapon? I wanted to know what will happen if someone destroys the pod in the first phase, but I couldn't make it.

I made it, the game ends and will not crash. So, please consider it a feature :)