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Jenny's house looks so beautiful that the slimes believe it is a cake and coming to eat it. Defend the house before the slimes eating it up.

You have 2 candies, you can use them to tame slimes, and they will fight for you.


A/D or Arrows = move

Z/K = jump

X/L = Put a candy


I'm still working on stages and level design. And lack of SoundFX and victory screens, and more characters with different abilities... Yeah, lots of missing.

The game is half done because I'm suffering from procrastination, I'm sorry about that. Should you feel boring or upset, I have a plan B in game, just watch the slimes eating your house piece by piece, and it's also a kind of fun.

Feel free to vote any stars, I believe this game will be awesome when I finished it.

I'll update this soon, please stay tuned! :)


Music by Pan Ye.

Everything else by Pan Feng.


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What a cute and fun idea! I like the aesthetic and the premise for a tower defense game with candies and taming enemies to use against other enemies...you have a great basis for continuing the game further.

If you were to continue this, I would say that the fact that the girl can jump on enemies practically renders the candies useless. But it was just that one level, so that might be something to explore in future levels, with different abilities where the need to have additional helpers to kill the enemy slimes would be helpful. I look forward to seeing this one expanded; I think it has a lot of potential.

Thanks! There will be a huge improvement when it complete, please stay tuned :)